Toner – A forgotten wonder product

A question that I often get asked is what is the point of using a toner in my skincare regime?  It’s often a forgotten product, being pushed aside in favour of an all in one cleaner, or facial wipe. And because people don’t really know what its for, then they don’t use it.

A toner has so many benefits for the skin, that for me it is a must have product – I notice an enormous improvement in my skin when I include a toner after cleansing.  So here is what all the fuss is about;

  • Cleansers can leave a residue on the skin – especially if we are using cream or lotions that are wiped off with cotton wool.  This residue can build up, leading to congestion under the skin (that bumpy feeling, that aren’t quite spots).  A toner, will whip away this residue leaving the skin fresh, clean and smooth, and unlikely to create a build-up congestion

  • While open pores are usually here to stay once opened, regular use of a toner, will have a slight tightening effect on pores, and helps to close them and close any gaps in the cells. The stimulating effect of cleansing can soften the skin and begin to open the pores; if not then closed, the skin is then open to bacteria and dirt entering the pores and causing blackheads and spots.

  • It balances out the Ph of the skin.  Most skin care products, including cleansers, should be Ph balanced to our slightly acidic skin, however the cleansing process, can put this somewhat out of whack.  Using a toner, after cleansing will quickly restore this balance to ensure our skin is consistently protected. Read about the Acid Mantle here. 

  • Toners are generally made of flower waters, so can add an extra layer of hydration to the skin – essential for dry, mature skins, and in the colder weather.  This works especially well if you apply your moisturiser directly after the toner, on ‘wet’ skin.

  • A toner can help remove excess oil, on an oily skin, and then restore the Ph balance as mentioned above, therefore reducing the likelihood of developing spots and blackheads.

A final word; 

As mentioned toners are usually based on flower waters, with some added ingredients, so are  fairly natural.  Some toners may contain alcohol – a very, very small amount of alcohol can be useful for more oily skin, but any more can strip our skin of vital moisture and protection.  If the first 2 or 3 ingredients listed on a toner is alcohol, then avoid!!

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My recommended toners;

Pixi Glow Tonic – This glycolic toner is one of my main recommendations for mature skin.  Not only does it has all the benefits of a toner, it gently buffs away dead skin cells, to begin the exfoliating process – much needed for mature skin.  Shop here. 

Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion – Containing Rose damask petals and coconut this gentle toner is perfect for dry, mature or sensitive skins. Shop here. 

Caudalie Grape Water – 100% natural grape water, with added moisturizers, this spray makes the perfect toner, to use morning, evening and to spray during the day as needed for a added boost of hydration.  Ideal for hot flushes on the go to!!  Shop here.