The Acid Mantle

We all have an invisible layer on our skin, called the acid mantle. 

This is made up of mainly sweat and sebum (the skins natural oil), that have been secreted onto the skins surface. 

Oil, mimicking sebum - part of the acid mantle.

Sebum is the skins natural oil and makes up part of the acid mantle.

The mixture of these 2 substances create an anti-bacterial barrier and is essential at protecting our skin. 

If the acid mantle is not intact then our skin is at risk of spots, overly dry patches, and extreme sensitivity – your skin just won’t look as healthy as it should. 

An impaired acid mantle means that the skin has become more alkaline, when it should be acidic.  Most external bacteria, live well in an alkaline atmosphere, thus why you may experience the conditions listed above, if the acid mantle has been stripped.  

Girl with half good skin and half cracked skin, showing an impaired acid mantle.

An impaired acid mantle can cause the skin to become unprotected.

Your acid mantle can become impaired or disrupted, if you are using overly-harsh products on your skin, over-treating your skin or exposing your skin to harsh elements without the correct protection. Or it can be due to not using a skin care routine, or an effective skincare routine. 

So, to keep your acid mantle intact and not impaired, it is essential that you look after your skin.  Use products suitable for your skin type, products that are Ph balanced which means they will not strip the acidity on your skin, and using nothing too harsh.

Regular use of soap or facial wipes are likely to strip the acid mantle – so beware!  

Regular facials will also mean that the sweat and sebaceous secretions we need, will keep on producing!

For more information on correct CLEANSING, to ensure you are keeping your acid mantle intact, click below.