Essential oil diffuser blends with a tropical twist

By Alison Angold CIDESCO ITEC

Essential oil diffuser blends with a tropical twist

A palm tree with the writing on; Tropical diffuser blends

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Keep the summer vibes lasting all year round with these essential oil diffuser blends with a tropical twist;

Hawaiian tropic

Lime, Orange & Spearmint

Coastal breeze

Cedarwood, Orange, Rosemary & Bergamot

Beachy days

Lavender, Bergamot & Tea- tree

Tropical sunset

Ylang Ylang, Orange, Grapefruit & Sandalwood

Sultry evening

Ylang ylang, Jasmine, Grapefruit & Mandarin

Paradise palms

Lime, Mandarin & Cypress

Beach days

Petitgrain, Pine & Orange


Cypress, Orange & Peppermint

Indian ocean

Black pepper, Mandarin & Jasmine

Caribbean concoction

Orange, Ginger & Jasmine

Tropical sunrise

Orange, Geranium & Lavender


Lime, Grapefruit & Spearmint

Sparkling lemonade

Lemon, Lemongrass & Basil

Sea breeze

Tea tree, Lemon, Lime, Rosemary

Key lime pie

Lime, Lemon & Benzoin

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These are my favourite essential oils, all oils suggested can be purchased here.

The best tropical essential oils

There are so many essential oils that can be used to promote a tropical vibe, and it all comes down to how you blend them together. These are my main picks for oils that give a tropical twist.


Such an amazing tropical citrus fragrance that makes a great addition to so many tropical diffuser blends. Lime is uplifting, refreshing and also helps respiratory issues, stress and anxiety.


Another burst of citrus freshness, orange gives a tropical aroma to many diffuser blends. Orange essential oil also helps to protect against colds and flu and promotes a positive outlook.


An under-used essential oil, Bergamot has a lovely light citrus fragrance that pairs well with so many other oils. Bergamot also helps to reduce anger and frustration and uplifts depression.


Uplifting and refreshing, Grapefruit helps to balance mood swings, uplift the mood and helps to prevent colds and flu.


A lovely woody fragrance, Cedarwood is a lovely addition to many diffuser blends with a tropical twist, as it pairs well with many of the lighter top note aromas. Cedarwood is also effective at relieving respiratory issues as well as calming anxiety.


A strong herb scent, basil works well with both citrus and floral scents, to create tropical aromas. Inhaling the aromas is also effective at relieving headaches and migraines, and the symptoms of sinusitis.


Cypress tree’s are mostly found in warmer areas of the Mediterranean, often in the wooded areas of beaches. This already gives Cypress a tropical quality as it is reminiscent of holidays.


A wonderful floral aroma, Jasmine promotes a positive outlook, lifts depression and improves self-confidence.


A good all round floral fragrance that pairs well with citrus and herb aromas. The aroma is reminiscent of summer days and Lavender has so many beneficial therapeutic actions including, balancing emotions, lifting depression and relieving headaches.


A light citrus scent that helps lift anxiety and the symptoms of depression. Mandarin smells great and is uplifting, refreshing and makes a great addition to an essential oil diffuser blend with a tropical twist.


A sultry aroma reminiscent of tropical nights. Patchouli’s woody, herby aroma pairs very well with other oils to give a different sort of tropical twist.

Peppermint & Spearmint

Wonderful light aromas and powerful benefits, both mints have highly tropical vibes, and make additions to many diffuser blends.


Petitgrain is the oil extracted from the wood of the orange blossom tree, so has a wonderful citrus and wood aroma. It is very good at sedating the nervous system, so useful for stress and anxiety.

Ylang Ylang

Flowers that originate in tropical climates such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Madagascar, so already has a tropical quality! The scent of Ylang Ylang is sultry, floral and exotic.


The benefits of essential oils for tropical diffuser blends

The benefits of citrus essential oils

Citrus essential oils are all top note oils, which means they have lighter fragrances. Citrus essential oils should be the main oil in your tropical blend due to their fresh, summery smell. They all have uplifting and refreshing properties so help lift a low mood, and relieve the symptoms of depression. Most citrus essential oils have antiviral actions, so by diffusing or warming them you can help to prevent illness.

The benefits of floral essential oils

Essential oils extracted from flowers come with many benefits, as well as being a good oil to add a tropical diffuser blend. Among many other benefits, floral oils help to relax and uplift as well as promoting positive feelings.

The benefits of herb essential oils

Herb oils usually have medicinal properties such as being anti-bacterial and anti-viral, plus they can help relieve respiratory issues, like coughs and colds. The medicinal aroma also pairs well with citrus or floral oils for a tropical diffuser blends.

The benefits of woody essential oils

Alongside adding a welcome woody aroma to some of the more floral and citrus essential oils, essential oils extracted from the bark and wood of tree’s are more often used for relieving respiratory conditions, as they can help remove and ease congestion on the lungs. A great use of an oil in a diffuser or burner to allow the scents to be inhaled.

Diffuser or Burner?

Basically a diffuser and a burner are doing the same things – releasing aromas into the air for us to inhale. However, there are some differences and I do have a preference!

A diffuser is the go to gadget to get wonderful aromas to fill your house, and the term ‘diffuser blends’ is widely searched, but how does it compare to an essential oil burner? This is purely my opinion and obviously open to discussion!

I prefer an essential oil burner.

A diffuser, looks good and emits a steady stream of aroma into the air, but I find that after a while the aromas can merge, and end up smelling very similar, or often smell of not much at all.

A burner, gently warms the oils, so very gently releases the aromas so they smell purer, more distinctive and more real. You can smell the individual aromas of the oils, and, to me, the scents are more beneficial this way.

Having said this, I keep both at home. The diffuser can be left on, so I add a few oils, switch on, and get on with my day.

This is my favourite diffuser.

The burner uses a tealight, and like all open flames needs to be kept an eye on, however the tealight doesn’t last long. I move the burner from room to room and change scents as necessary. This is my favourite burner.

About the Author
Alison Angold is a fully qualified (certified) beauty therapist, massage therapist, and aromatherapist from the UK. She has over 25 years of experience in this industry and has worked in a variety of beauty salons, spa’s as well as running her own successful beauty and massage business. Her career has allowed her to treat many, many clients, with skincare concerns, medical conditions, and a whole variety of other ailments and issues, which has enabled her to work closely with essential oils, prescribing specific blends for these clients to help with these conditions. Her qualifications in the use of essential oils and aromatherapy, allow her to share this knowledge with others, in a safe, reliable way.