DIY Essential oil shower sprays

Creating a simple essential oil shower spray is an easy way to scent and freshen your bath or shower before each use!

Regular bathroom cleaners will leave your bath and shower fresh, clean and hygienic, but they don’t always smell too good. Refresh your shower with a homemade DIY essential oil shower spray. Also great to squirt into the bath, and sinks around the house too – doing this every so often means that whenever you run water, you get a lovely fresh scent!

How to make a DIY essential oil shower spray

You need just a few simple things!

  1. An empty spray bottle or any empty plastic bottle.
  2. Witch hazel or vodka
  3. Your choice of essential oils – these are the oils that I use a lot – a great starter set!
  4. Fruit pieces & herbs (optional)

Take an empty spray or squirty bottle. I used an old toner bottle that I completely washed out and sterilised.

Add a couple of tablespoons of witch hazel or vodka. Either of these will allow the essential oils to blend and mix well, and add a good (but natural) antiseptic quality to the essential oil shower spray.

Top up with water and give a good shake.

Add 7 drops of each of your chosen essential oils. Give a good shake to blend.

I then added some pieces of fruit and herbs to compliment the oils used, and makes the bottle look really pretty in your bathroom, however this is optional!

Just before running the water in the shower or the bath, spray – or squirt – some your mixture on the floors and walls. When you run the water, the warmth will release the scent from the oils, giving you your very own aroma steam room!

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Good blends to use for your DIY essential oil shower spray

Any uplifting essential oils are good for a shower spray blend, however mixing an essential oil from a fruit and an essential oil from a herb works really well.

Rosemary & Lemon

This is such an uplifting, refreshing scent! And the 2 oils go so well together to bring you so many beneficial properties. Rosemary is antiseptic, anti-viral and uplifting, while lemon brings the same properties as well as being anti-fungal. This means that not only, do you get a wonderful scent when the hot water reaches the oils, but you get useful cleansing properties for the walls and floor of the shower, your bath or sinks!

Peppermint & Orange

The scent of peppermint is incredibly uplifting and revitalising, along with being very clearing to the respiratory system. This is an ideal oil to use in a shower spray for the morning, as the scent is know to refresh the mind and body and help with waking up! Adding orange to the peppermint, gives a balanced, refreshing aroma to the blend, as well as adding anti-viral and uplifting properties.

How do essential oils work?

In this case, the oils will work by inhalation. Essential oils are the pure oils that are extracted from the leaves and flowers of plants and herbs, the peel of fruit and the resin from bark and roots of trees.

They are so pure and fine that the molecules in them can penetrate through the membranes of the nose and into the olfactory system. They then travel around the body to have an effect.

So this is really useful, to use scents that will help with any issues or conditions we may have, along with helping the bathroom smell fresh and clean, while you shower (or bath).

Each essential oil has a range of different properties or therapeutic actions, meaning that they will have a specific physical effect on a part of the body, or a psychological effect on the mind. The properties that we want to look for, that will be beneficial in our essential oil shower spray are;


Essential oils with antiseptic properties, removes or prevents infections. This will add valuable cleaning properties to your shower or bath.


Anti-viral oils prevents or kills viruses. Again, a useful component for cleansing the shower area.


These oils prevents or kills bacteria. Another great choice to prevent bacteria from lingering in the bathroom.


Helps to fluidify mucus on the lungs, therefore helping to remove it.


A great property to consider for a shower spray as it removes or masks any unpleasant odours.


These oils lift the spirits and emotions. Ideal oils to make us feel better and brighter!


These have a refreshing effect. These oils are great at counteracting the ‘stifling’ effect of wearing the mask.


Stimulates a particular system or an area of the body, therefore useful for stimulating and waking up the body, in your morning shower.

Other useful oils to add to your essential oil shower spray


A lesser known citrus oil that is both antiseptic and uplifting.


Often used in bathroom cleaning products, pine is refreshing and uplifting, removes unpleasant smells, clears the lungs and chest and is anti-bacterial! A great all round oil to use in the bathroom!


A really refreshing oil with antiseptic and uplifting qualities. It is also stimulating, so good for your morning shower.


A heavier scent that uplifts and helps clear the respiratory passages. Pair with a lighter citrus oil to balance out the aroma.

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Used in this way – an essential oil shower spray – the oils should be safe. However, proceed with caution if you suffer which severe respiratory disorders, such as asthma or bronchitis. Inhaling very strong aromas could irritate the respiratory passageways. Begin with the lighter, fresher citrus oils, and use smaller amounts of the stronger expectorant oils.

Similarly, caution should be taken during pregnancy. Inhaling small amounts of the oils, should be fine, but use smaller amounts of the oils in your mixture.

If ever in any doubt of the use of any of the oils, please consult your doctor, or your local aromatherapy practioner.

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