Discover the power of a facial oil – tips for using a facial oil

Oil being dripped onto a hand from a small bottle.  Discover the power of a facial oil tips to using a facial oil.

During the colder months, our skin can lack hydration and become tight and uncomfortable. Valuable moisture is drawn out by the elements and the heating inside.  A facial oil is a wonderful product to add to your skincare routine to combat this. 

Don’t be afraid of using a face oil! Using a good base oil, such as sweet almond or avocado, won’t clog your skin or make you more greasy or spotty. 

Using an oil containing aromatherapy, essential oils will have added benefits; hydrating and soothing the lower layers of the skin, therefore bringing brighter skin cells to the surface.

A small amount of oil applied under your usual moisturiser at night, will ensure that optimum hydration is reached. You will awaken with soft, hydrated skin!  

For even more hydration, use an oil directly after using a facial steam.  Read my quote that I wrote for  Clean Beauty Gals on facial steaming!

I often use a couple of drops of oil, under my cream during the day.  This ensures I don’t get that tight feeling in my skin as the day sucks out the moisture and gives me a wonderful dewy complexion. 

My favourite facial oils

E’spa Regenerating Face Treatment Oil A luxurious blend of jasmine, frankincense and carrot oil, to deeply nourish, improve elasticity, and soothe the skin. Wonderful!

Neals Yard Remedies Re-hydrating Rose Facial Oil Rose is such a great ingredient for anti aging and hydrating, so a fantastic oil to use for mature skin.