Cypress essential oil aroma & scent | 7 awesome benefits & uses

By Alison Angold CIDESCO ITEC

Cypress essential oil aroma

What does Cypress essential oil smell like? Cypress essential oil aroma is a light, medicinal, woody scent, with almost with a lemony undertone; not unlike pine, but not quite as sharp or strong. It is a middle note essential oil, meaning that it blends well with many other oils.

The oil is extracted from the pine-like needles of the tree and the tiny nut-like cones, which are found in Mediterranean countries such as France, Spain and Portugal. The tree’s are often found surrounding beautiful coves and beaches, which gives the aroma of the oil a real warm, Mediterranean feel.

A bottle of Cypress essential oil sitting on  a shelf, with wooden stars in the background.  Cypress essential oil aroma

What does Cypress oil blend well with?

It’s light, woody aroma means that Cypress oil blends well with many other oils. It’s best partners are;

  • Cedarwood
  • Pine
  • Lemon
  • Bergamot
  • Mandarin
  • Juniper
  • Sandalwood
  • Benzoin
  • Clary sage
  • Lavender
  • Marjoram
  • Grapefruit
  • Orange

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What are the benefits of Cypress oil?

Each essential oil is made up of a unique chemical complex, which gives the oil a range of therapeutic actions or properties. This means the effects and benefits that the oil can have

The therapeutic actions of Cypress are;

  • Antispasmodic – relaxes muscle spasms
  • Astringent – tightens the tissues of the body, especially the skin
  • Cooling – cools the area of application
  • Depurative – helps rids of waste and toxins in the body
  • Relaxing – relaxes the mind and body
  • Sedative – calms the nervous system
  • Tonic – invigorates and gives strength to the body
  • Uplifting – helps positive thinking and uplifts the spirits
  • Vasoconstrictive – reduces blood flow to an area

All these wonderful therapeutic actions means that Cypress oil can be used in effective ways for many different issues, ailments and benefits.

Cypress essential oil for the skin

Cypress is a good oil for oily skins, preventing too much oil being produced while still hydrating the skin by avoiding water loss in the skin. Due to its ability to control and prevent water loss, it also makes an effective oil for mature and dehydrated skins. Cypress is also good at treating sweaty skin, so could be used an effective treatment for sweaty feet or conditions such hyperhidrosis. It also makes a good addition to a men’s aftershave. Cypress also makes an effective insect and flea repellent – especially bed bugs!


Cypress essential oil for detoxifying

It’s depurative properties give Cypress good detoxifying qualities, meaning that it can stimulate lymphatic flow, which in turn gets rid of waste. It is also effective at relieving the puffiness of water retention. It makes a good addition to a massage oil for cellulite.

Cypress essential oil for the circulatory system

Cypress narrows the blood vessels, so can help ease conditions such as varicose veins, and the heavy bleeding of menstruation.

Cypress for the reproductive system

Cypress is a particularly good oil for the reproductive system. It helps to relieve issues such as PMT, and symptoms of hormonal imbalance and menopause.

Cypress for the respiratory system

The woody scent of Cypress is particularly effective at relieving issues of the respiratory tract and lungs, such as bronchitis, coughs and asthma. It also gives the immune system a boost, as well as helping the symptoms of flu.

Cypress for the nervous system

Cypress is sedating for the nervous system so can be effective at reducing the symptoms of stress and tension. It can also help to ground and balance the body and give strength.

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Can Cypress oil be applied directly to the skin?

Cypress oil, as with all other essential oils, should be diluted in a carrier oil before skin application. Is it blended within a carrier oil or cream, then, yes Cypress oil can be applied to the skin and is effective for certain skin conditions.

Blending guidelines – Use approximately 3-5 drops of essential per 10ml of carrier substance.

Cypress essential oil spiritual benefits

Cypress is said to be useful for those grieving, as it is thought that Cypress oil is associated with the dead and the passage from this world to the next. Cypress can help to stabilise and process emotions and accept change. It can help if we are having trouble letting go of the past allowing us to progress and move forward.


precautions of cypress essential oil

Cypress oil is non toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitising, however as a precaution should be avoided during pregnancy. I would also add that, as with all oils, a patch test should be performed if you have sensitive skin.

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