About me

About me.  A picture of myself with my husband and 2 sons

My name is Alison, I am a 48 mum of 2 boys, aged 15 & 13, and a gorgeous Cocker spaniel called Winnie! I am happily married. I have been a fully qualified beauty and massage therapist and aromatherapist for 25 years.

I have worked in many different environments, including beauty salons, health spa’s and running my own beauty business from home.

I am also a qualified teacher and have been teaching beauty and massage courses, for over 17 years, and now run my own training academy from home.

Being in the beauty and massage industry has been a wonderful career, and while facials has always been one of my favourite treatments to do – I’m fascinated by how the skin the works – aromatherapy has always been at the forefront of most treatments that I do.

During my career I have worked extensively with essential oils, and am able to add them to almost every treatment that I do on my clients! Treating clients with essential oils, is so satisfying, as I am able to help with skin conditions, ailments and other physical or psychological conditions they may be experiencing.

As a wife and mother, I am busy, most of the time. Running a house, dealing with teenage children, and a hard working husband, and working all at the same time! And to this end, I find that using essential oils, around the house, in my skincare preparations, and for any other ailments or conditions that any of us may experience, really helps, keep us healthy and sane!

I want to bring my knowledge and experience to you. Blending essential oils is easy and fun, however there are many precautions, which often are overlooked, when using essential oils, so I bring you everything you need to know to use and benefit from essential oils effectively!

I have been featured in Menopause Matters magazine, First for Women magazine, Byrdie as a skin care expert and aromatherapist, and am the skincare expert for Menodelight – a wonderful on-line store with great gifts and essentials for mature and menopausal women. My opinions and knowledge also appear in Hello Giggles, The Good Trade and Best Life on Line I have also had extensive interviews published in Authority Magazine and Thrive Global, regarding the use of essential oils.

I really hope you like what I’m going to writing about! Please feel free to add comments at any time, and if you’d like to see an article or advice on a particular issue, please do let me know.

Thank you for reading