8 beneficial & therapeutic frankincense diffuser blends

By Alison Angold | Qualified Aromatherapist | CIDESCO ITEC

Frankincense, orange and grapefruit essential oils sitting on a shelf, depicting frankincense diffuser blends

Frankincense has a wonderful, earthy, sweet aroma with numerous amazing benefits for the body, skin, and mind. The oil comes from the shrub that comes from the Red Sea region and is also found in areas of North East Africa.

The scent makes it ideal to use in many different Frankincense diffuser blends, as well as being useful for other essential oil recipes too.

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Frankincense diffuser blends

Comforting and warming

Frankincense, Clary Sage & Lavender

This blend has a deep, base note aroma, and gives you the benefit of a sense of comfort and well-being. A good blend to use in the evening to relax and soothe a busy mind, and a particularly good one for the colder months, to give a sense of cosiness, warmth, and well-being.

Clary sage is a wonderful oil to help promote calm, relaxation, and a sense of well-being, while lavender adds a welcome floral not and balancing qualities.

Relaxing and calming

Frankincense, Petitgrain & Mandarin

Another great blend for soothing the nervous system and promoting a relaxed mind and body. This is a good blend to use in the evening to ready yourself for a good night’s sleep.

Petitgrain is a really good oil for relieving anxiety and stress, and mandarin adds a light, refreshing citrus note and is good for helping with insomnia.

Clarity and focus

Frankincense, Bergamot & Thyme

The bergamot and thyme really uplift and freshen this blend. Frankincense is a good oil to allow the mind to focus, while the cool, citrus scent of bergamot uplifts the mind and herby thyme helps to unblock the mind and focus concentration.


Chest clearer

Frankincense, Rosemary & Lemon

A good blend to relieve chest infections. Frankincense is an expectorant which means that it helps to clear the chest of mucus and catarrh. Rosemary and lemon add a welcome and refreshing herb and citrus aromas and also give relief to chest conditions and infections.

Coughs and colds

Frankincense, Sweet marjoram & Grapefruit

A good blend to diffuse during cold and flu season, as the aromas you will inhale will help give relief to a stuffy nose, and congestion and help clear the chest to relieve coughs.

Sweet marjoram helps to clear congestion in the nose and sinuses, while refreshing grapefruit, boosts immunity to help recover more quickly.

Revitalise and rejuvenate

Frankincense, Jasmine & Mandarin

Frankincense has a deeper earthy note but has the property of being uplifting, so gives a feeling of calm and well-being. Jasmine is a wonderful oil to promote positivity and euphoria, while the refreshing note of mandarin, helps to relieve feelings of depression or low mood.

Uplift and revive

Frankincense, Chamomile & Grapefruit

All 3 of these oils have a tonic effect on the body and mind, which means that they can revitalise and invigorate both the body and mind. A good blend for the morning, if you are feeling lethargic or lackluster and need a boost!

Uplift and refresh

Frankincense, Orange & Grapefruit

The citrus oils here really add a lovely, uplifting, refreshing scent to the deeper, earthy scent of frankincense. All these oils are uplifting and this blend will give you a good boost of energy and help clear and focus your mind, especially in the morning.

Info sheet on frankincense diffuser blends


What are the benefits of frankincense oil?

Frankincense for the skin

Frankincense is a wonderful oil for the skin, delivering many benefits. It is rejuvenating for mature skin, giving life to dull skin and helping cell regeneration to promote healthier younger-looking skin. Frankincense is also useful for oily skin, helping to balance the amount of sebum being produced.

Frankincense for the mind

It is a wonderful oil for the mind! It helps to sedate the nervous system, so ideal for anxiety or panic, but it also gives clarity and allows the brain to focus. A very comforting and warming oil it helps to both relax and uplift.

Frankincense for respiratory issues

Frankincense is known as an expectorant, which means that it helps to clear mucus on the lungs and eases catarrh. It is a useful oil to diffuse for coughs, bronchitis, or asthma as it helps to calm and regulate breathing.

Frankincense for urinary issues

Frankincense is thought to ease the symptoms or pain of issues such as cystitis or kidney infection. To treat this, frankincense should be diluted in a carrier oil and massaged into the abdomen.


Spiritual benefits of frankincense

As we have mentioned frankincense is a good oil for relieving stress and anxiety and allowing the mind to focus. This makes it an ideal oil to use for meditation and mindfulness to help have clearer thoughts. It is also thought that as Frankincense is used often in churches, and is thought to have been present at the birth of Jesus, it brings the user closer to god.

A bottle of frankincense essential oil on a wooden shelf with fairy lights

Precautions of Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense is non-irritating and not toxic, so safe for most users, however as with all essential oils, if you have sensitive skin or suffer from sensitive respiratory issues then proceed with caution.

With sensitive skin carry out a patch test by mixing one drop of frankincense with a carrier oil and apply to the skin. Wait 24 hours to gauge reaction.

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