16 Citrus diffuser blends to revive and energise

By Alison Angold | Qualified Aromatherapist | CIDESCO ITEC

Citrus essential oils have many varied benefits and due to their refreshing aromas, make brilliant additions to diffuser blends to scent your home beautifully while also allowing you to benefit from their wonderful therapeutic properties.

Mixing together purely citrus oils for your diffuser blend is possible, and gives light, refreshing and sweet aromas, but often pairing them with other floral, herbs, or woody oils gives beautiful and beneficial fragrance too.

Oranges on a white background.  Citrus essential oil diffuser blends

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The best citrus diffuser blends

A range of citrus fruits laying on a table

Citrus & herb

Orange, Lemon & Thyme

A great blend for relieving the symptoms of colds, flu, and coughs. It will also help to strengthen the nerves and uplift depression. The addition of thyme gives a welcome herby aroma to the vibrant citrus oils.

Citrus anti-viral

Bergamot, Lavender & Rosemary

Not only does this blend smell divine, but has brilliant anti-viral and antiseptic properties. Ideal to burn abound the home to combat illness.

Combat ills

Bergamot, Rosemary & Tea tree

Another lovely fragrance that is ideal to combat illness and viruses. The tea tree gives the blend an antiseptic quality top note while the bergamot and rosemary add wonderful aromas.

Uplift, calm & focus

Lime, Tangerine & Basil

A wonderfully fresh and clean fragrance, it really helps to clear the head, and promote calm and focus.


Citrus spice

Orange, Grapefruit & Frankincense

The addition of frankincense adds a lovely warming note to the freshness of the citrus oils.

Sweet & Spicy

Lemon, Juniper & Spearmint

Juniper adds a spicy note to this blend, while the spearmint adds a sweetness to the light lemony scent.

Key Lime Pie

Lime, Spearmint & Benzoin

Benzoin smells a little like vanilla (vanilla could be used, but contrary to popular belief, it isn’t actually an essential oil!), so this lovely fresh blend is reminiscent of a fresh slice of key lime pie.

Exotic evenings

Mandarin, Grapefruit & Ylang Ylang,

The addition of ylang ylang here, gives a beautiful exotic note to the citrus oils of mandarin and grapefruit.

Summer vibes

Lime, Orange & Spearmint

A zesty, summer aroma, with uplifting properties.

Coastal breeze

Cedarwood, Orange, Rosemary & Bergamot

Imagine a Mediterranean beachy cove, backed by cedarwood and cypress trees, a warm breeze blowing and the sun shining and you’ve got this gorgeous scent.

Palm trees

Lime, Mandarin & Cypress

As well as smelling good, this blend is ideal for combatting the symptoms of PMT, thanks to the mandarin and cypress.

Beachy Days

Petitgrain, Pine & Orange

Petitgrain is a wonderful citrus and woody scent as it comes from the bark of the orange blossom tree. Pair this with pine and vibrant orange and you have a scent reminiscent of warm days on the beach. Petitgrain is also a wonderful oil for soothing anxiety and sedating the nervous system.

Breathe easy

Bergamot, Lemongrass & Ginger

A zesty, zingy, uplifting fragrance that is very effective at easing respiratory issues.

Fly repellent

Lime, Rosemary & Eucalyptus

A wonderful scent to diffuse or burn in the summer to repel flies and other insects.

Clearing & Refreshing

Grapefruit, Chamomile & Petitgrain

A refreshing blend that helps calm and clear the mind.


Grapefruit, Bergamot & Rose

A truly happy blend that uplifts, refreshes, and promotes a positive outlook.

The benefits of citrus essential oils

In general citrus oils are uplifting and refreshing and help to revive and energise, however, they each come with some wonderful other therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of citrus oils poster


A lesser-known citrus fruit, bergamot has a wonderful aroma and is an underused citrus oil in my opinion! Bergamot is cooling and anti-inflammatory, so ideal in skin preparations for sensitive or inflamed skin.

It uplifts the symptoms of depression as well as being useful for digestive issues such as flatulence, and painful digestion. Bergamot stimulates the immune system and is ideal to use at times of cold and flu as it is beneficial for respiratory issues.


A wonderful oil for detoxifying the body as it helps to reduce water retention and cellulite, while also helping to stimulate our immune system to help prevent colds and flu. It is an effective oil to energise in the morning and help to get rid of morning fatigue and lethargy.


Lemon is good to use on oily skin as an astringent, which means it helps to reduce oil on the skin. It is also particularly useful for the circulatory system, helping to improve circulation and ease the pressure of varicose veins. Lemon also helps to protect against infections like colds and flu, while also stimulating the immune system.


An excellent oil for the skin, Mandarin is very good at aiding cell renewal, which makes it an effective anti-aging oil and good for healing scars. It is a mild diuretic, so helps to reduce cellulite.

It is effective at inducing sleep, as well as helping the symptoms of PMT.


The brightest, sunniest citrus fruit, orange goes so well with many other oils and comes with an array of benefits!

It is a very effective anti-depressant, promoting a positive outlook and uplifting the mind. It also helps to calm the stomach and aid digestion making it useful for digestive issues. Along with this, it helps to protect against colds and flu.


Lime essential oil is an excellent oil for the skin, relieving oily skin conditions, wounds, and insect bites.

Like most other citrus oils it is good for treating coughs colds and flu and is uplifting and refreshing, which makes it beneficial for depression and mental fatigue.

Precautions of citrus essential oils

Diffusing citrus essential oils is generally safe, however, as always if you suffer from any respiratory disorders, then proceed with caution to see how you react to the scents.

Citrus oils are phototoxic when applied topically, which means when they are applied to the skin, you should avoid direct sunlight.


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